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StarT; okulları, anaokullarını, müfredat dışı faaliyet gruplarını ve ailelerin yanı sıra, medya da dahil olmak üzere diğer tüm ilgili kurum ve grupları işbirlikli öğrenmenin coşkusunu paylaşmak üzere bir araya gelmeye davet eder. StarT’ Luma , öğrenme topluluklarına; disiplinler arası, işbirliğine dayalı ve proje tabanlı öğrenmeyi gerçekleştirmek üzere destek ve görünürlük sağlanır. Ödüller verilir. StarT yarışmasının iki kategorisi vardır:

1) Üç yaş ile 18 yaş aralığında çocuk ve gençlere yönelik projeler kategorisi

2) Öğretmenler, eğitmenler ve ebeveynler tarafından gerçekleştirilen en iyi eğitim uygulamaları kategorisi

Bu yarışmaya herkes çalışmalarını kısa videolar ile birlikte kısa öğrenim günlükleri şeklinde raporlayarak her yıl katılabilir. Katılımcılardan istenen, çalışmalarının; bilime, teknolojiye, matematiğe yer vermesi ve belirlenmiş yedi adet StarT temalarından birisine uygun olmasıdır. Değerlendirme kriterlerinde öğrencilerin aktif rolü, işbirliği ve disiplinler arası çalışmanın önemine vurgu yapılmaktadır. StarT Luma 2018-2019 için kaydınızı bu siteden yapabilirsiniz.

StarT Luma programı ayrıca; StarT-Günleri, StarT-Festivalleri ve LUMA StarT Galası gibi etkinlikler ile birlikte sanal bilim klubü , StarT elçileri ve çeşitli kurumlar- üniversiteler ile işbirliğini de içerir. Uluslararası LUMA StarT Programının Türkiye temsilcisi, StarT Türkiye’dir.   

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Water is the cause of human existence. There is life in the place where water is. I think the importance of water in the development and change of life in the world is extremely high. Unfortunately, since mankind existed, it has always affected the environment and caused it to change. One of these effects is water pollution. Technologic development has increased production speed and this increase has led to the establishment of more factories and industrial zones. In the past year, a phenomenon in the province of our province has caused a terrible smell on the whole of the lake due to a lot of factory wastes being thrown into the dam and hundreds of people have been hospitalized. I thought what I could do to solve this problem and I think this project came to my mind. I produced this project in order to draw attention to water pollution, which is the event in our country and the general problem of the world, and I produced also this project to make the water in the reservoirs instantly controlled in order to see the water online. I chose design and research project methods in my study. In my design, I made a dam control system using various electronic circuits. I tried to measure the values ​​of dams and lakes in the project I made. It is also a system that not only makes measurement in lakes and dams but also can be taken everywhere because it can be uploaded on internet and can be transported. The system measures online the values ​​of pH, conductivity, heat values in dams, historical pools ​​via internet and smartphones and sends them to the system. Water turbidity and underwater structures can also be seen with endoscopic cameras. In the project, test was carried out at the roma pool belonging to the 2nd century and Akkaya dam which was located in our province and the findings were uploaded to the internet site by the Project team.


When we examine the Internet and television news carefully, we come up with many animal deaths and injuries. And this news we encounter is just a small part of the reflection of what happened through the media. These topic and projects to prevent animal deaths do not make a big impact, and the high cost of spending makes these projects difficult to implement. I developed a project for this topic because I was impressed by the news I read and watched. With the NFC STICKER on it, the person who finds the animal in a difficult situation can communicate with the owner of the animal by means of the HEAT and HUMIDITY sensors.


The aim of this project is to prevent the deaths and injuries when the bed covers are falling on the younger children and the loss of life of the elderly and people with back problems. The project used a lock mechanism and a motion sensor, which are used on the car to prevent children’s bed cover from falling on it; two stepper motors and one touch sensor are used to prevent difficulties in lifting the bed cover. When the touch sensor is pressed, the stepper motor lifts the bed cover upward. When the motion sensor detects motion, it engages the locking mechanism and prevents the cover from closing. The bed cover can be lowered manually or automatically. Experts interviewed about this project stated that the security and easy use  in the beds is a serious problem, that this project can easily overcome these problems and that this project is quite unique and that there  are not many in competitions with similar projects.


This project generates electric energy with the pressure applied on the piezoelectric discs integrated on the wheels. The results of the tests done on the prototype show that this project has the potential to recharge an electric car battery up to 40-50%.The project team is formed of 1 contact person, 2 consultants, 1 non-goverment organisation manager and 2 students. Teachers are experts in mechatronics, science and design. When I and my brother found the idea for this project, we decided which experts to meet. We listed and bought the materials for the project. We met a lot of non-goverment organisation operatives about the availablity of the project and asked for support. And my father, who is an engineer, gave us ideas and supported us about security measures. Our teachers helped us with designs, setting up electronic circuits and mathematical formulas. My teammate helped me with the writing and building of the project and we got many new ideas about the project. Our work is yet on progress and we think we will improve our project further. This project aims to increase the range of electric cars through the use of wheels redesigned with piezocrystals. The themes of innovation and energy efficiency were taken into consideration while doing this project. A prototype wheel was designed with piezoelectric discs and the wheel was attached to the bike.